how will boabee help your business?

Your business? Helping exhibitors get the most out of your event. Time to optimize your approach. With Boabee. What if your exhibitors could…

improve roi

Increase their ROI

27% of exhibitors complain about low ROI. With our efficient trade show app, that’s a thing of the past.

speed up sales

Speed up their sales

Lengthy response time on leads? 47% says it’s a sore. Offer them a mobile lead capture app so they can turns contacts into contracts in no time.

improve lead quality

Improve their lead quality

Rushed notes and lost business cards? The Boabee mobile lead retrieval app never loses a great prospect.

Say what? A trade show app that’s user-friendly, affordable and productive? Yep, that’s Boabee. And to top it all off, this lead capture app for exhibitors gives you great insight in exhibitor’s behaviour. Get started right now!

how your exhibitors use boabee

Lead retrieval systems complicated? Not Boabee! It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s easy on the eye. Capture visitors contact info in a heartbeat. Gather additional details about their interests. Send all the info on the spot. And receive clear-cut reports on a daily basis.

badge scanning

scan the badge

lead qualification

qualify the lead

share information

share the info

zero effort

No time to prepare? No worries. You’re all set to go – without any effort. As easy as turning on your phone – literally. Lead retrieval for exhibitors just got carefree.

go pro

Determine your own qualification questions. Go deep. Upload links, share files. Get your sales working. Customise every little detail. This lead retrieval app is fit for pro’s.

daily report

Show’s over? Never! Our daily extensive report gives the exhibitor all the intel he needs to boost his ROI and sales. We even send him a detailed summary, 3 days after the end of the expo. Just to be sure.


get in touch with our sales

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to do’s for you as an organiser

As an organiser you can support your exhibitors in achieving their main goal on your event:

gathering new leads to grow their business.



Offer boabee as an included service for all exhibitors, help them boost their efficiency.


Feed boabee with visitor data. API integration or Upload are both available.


Get a global view on how your exhibitors and visitors interact during your event.

branded app and dashboard

Offer your branded boabee

Provide your exhibitors a professional service with a lead capture solution in your company’s style, seamlessly integrated with your registration system.