A lead capture app for exhibition organisers

Give exhibitors a lead capture solution that works within their budget.

How will Boabee help you as an organiser ?

As a trade show or exhibition organiser, you can support your exhibitors in achieving their main goal on your event: gathering qualitative new leads to grow their business.

Provide your exhibitors with an easy-to-use lead capture solution, seamlessly integrated with your registration system

Earn money by customising the Boabee app cover screen with the logo of your main sponsor

Include the Boabee app in the booth package for all your exhibitors or sell it individually

Outsource the sale of the app to your exhibitors through Boabee, while being rewarded on individual sales

Manage exhibitors’ requests during your event. Boabee can support them, remotely or on-site

Get a global view on how your exhibitors and visitors interact during your event

These trade show organisers and brands trust Boabee

Find out how businesses across all industries rely on Boabee to deliver a great experience

“The price performance ratio is the best you can find. The Boabee app is better, easier to use than any other lead capture app I’ve ever used and at a fraction of the price. All my attendees gave the app 5 stars at each of my events in the USA, Germany and Taiwan.”

Jerome Fohet

Marketing Communications Manager, Globalfoundries

“All our exhibitors were enthusiastic about the lead capture app and the provided services by Boabee at the Polyclose 2020 Exhibition. I didn’t receive a single complaint about the app, on the contrary! Exhibitors familiar with lead capture apps found the Boabee app very user-friendly and rated it as the best lead capture app they’ve ever used.”

Tanguy Martens

Exhibition Manager, Polyclose

“We use the Boabee lead capture app for already 3 years and all exhibitors find it one of the best and extremely user friendly. On top of that Boabee offers a premium service. I strongly recommend this Boabee app to all my fellow Exhibition organisers.”

Delphine Martens

Exhibition Manager, InterSolution

How can your exhibitors benefit from Boabee?

Your role as trade show and exhibition organiser is to help exhibitors get the most out of your event. What if your exhibitors could…

Increase ROI

27% of exhibitors complain about low ROI. With our efficient trade show app, that’s a thing of the past.

Speed up sales

47% say lengthy response time on leads is a problem. Give them a lead capture app so they can turn contacts into contracts in no time.

Improve lead quality

Forget about rushed notes and lost business cards. The Boabee app never loses a valuable prospect.

A fast and clean lead capture app for your exhibitors

Finding lead capture systems complicated? Not Boabee! It’s fast, it’s straightforward and it’s clean. Capture visitors contact info in a heartbeat. Gather details about their interests. Send all the data on the spot and receive precise reports on a daily basis.

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