how boabee will help your business

Your business. Boosting other’s business through valuable event participations.

Increase their ROI

27% of the exhibitors complain about low ROI.

Speed up their sales

47% of the exhibitors need more than 2 weeks to act on leads.

Improve their lead quality

14% is confronted with rushed note and lost business cards.

Give your exhibitors the experience they deserve. Lift your event to a higher level, and get insight in your exhibitor’s behaviour.

how your exhibitors use boabee

The boabee app provides the exhibitors an easy to use tool that allows them to capture the visitors contact info, gather additional details about their interests,  and send the visitor information on the spot.

scan the badge

qualify the lead

share information

zero effort

Scan badges and qualify leads with standard questions without any preparation.

go pro

Configure own qualification questions and upload links and files for sharing.

daily report

All activities are registered and an extensive report is emailed daily

get in touch with our sales

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to do’s for you as an organiser

As an organiser you can support your exhibitors in achieving their main goal on your event:

gathering new leads to grow their business.


Offer boabee as an included service for all exhibitors, help them boost their efficiency.


Feed boabee with visitor data. API integration or Upload are both available.


Get a global view on how your exhibitors and visitors interact during your event.

Offer your branded boabee

Provide your exhibitors a professional service with a lead capture solution in your company’s style, seamlessly integrated with your registration system.